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Manufacturer Part Number: 145854
Manufacturer: BSA
UPC: 844380009105
Condition: New
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Made in Birmingham, England, BSA airguns are known for remarkable accuracy. Made in a state-of-the-art facility by experienced craftsman who take pride in every gun they make.
Your Buccanneer air rifle will hit its mark if you do your part. Use your air gun for field target, hunting, plinking and just plain fun! If your top priority is hunting, .22 caliber should be your choice. It'll deliver the most energy downrange. For most other uses, .177 caliber should suit you. Fill up the air reservoir to 232 bar, and you'll get a LOT of shots before you need to fill up, again. If your fill device is limited to 3000 psi output, you'll get fewer shots per fill. The velocity and energy will be the same as filling your gun to 3365 psi.
The stock appears to be synthetic, but it's really hardwood covered with a black synthetic wrap. You'll get all the wonderful characteristics of wood without the worry about damaging the finish.
While everyone else is trying to cut corners and get rid of the features that made their guns popular, BSA continues to supply guns with superior aesthetics, beautiful stocks and deep bluing.


- BSA Buccaneer air rifle
- Precharged pneumatic
- Bolt-action
- 10rd removable rotary clip
- 11mm dovetail grooves (no open sights)
- BSA hammer-forged rifled steel barrel
- Built-in manometer (air pressure gauge)
- Self-regulated valve
- 232 bar (3,365 psi)
- 153cc air reservoir capacity
- .177=50 shots/fill, .22=25 shots/fill*
- 2-stage adjustable trigger
- Ventilated rubber buttpad
- Ambidextrous wood stock with a black wrap
- Checkered grip and forearm
- Manual safety
- 7.05 lbs.
- Made in Birmingham, England


- Caliber:0.22" (5.5mm)
- Velocity:1000 fps
- Loudness:5-High
- Barrel Length:18.5"
- Overall Length:39.0"
- Shot Capacity:10
- Barrel:Rifled
- Front Sights:None
- Rear Sights:None
- Scopeable:11mm dovetail
- Trigger:Two-stage adjustable
- Buttplate:Ventilated rubber
- Suggested for:Small game hunting/plinking
- Action:Bolt-action
- Powerplant:Pre-charged pneumatic
- Function:Repeater
- Max Shots per Fill:25
- Body Type:Rifle
- Weight:7.7 lbs
- Cylinder Size:153 cc

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