Benjamin Sheridan HuntAsstPck .22 14.3gr /100 22BHPA

Benjamin Sheridan HuntAsstPck .22 14.3gr /100 22BHPA

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Manufacturer Part Number: 22BHPA
Manufacturer: Benjamin Sheridan
UPC: 28478136434
Condition: New
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Premier quality and accuracy for .22 caliber airgun hunters! Single die production for exceptional shot-to-shot consistency.

Assortment includes 100 each of the highest quality pellets:

- Domed Magnum
- Hollow Point
- Super Point
- Pointed Expanding

Made in the USA


- Caliber: .22
- Shape: Domed Magnum, Hollow Point, Super Point, Pointed Expanding
- Grain Weight: 14.30
- Material: Lead
- Quantity: 400

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