Lyman Moly Accessory Kit (No Tumbler) 7631384

Lyman Moly Accessory Kit (No Tumbler) 7631384

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Manufacturer Part Number: 7631384
Manufacturer: Lyman
UPC: 11516813848
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The Lyman Super Moly Bullet Finishing kit perfect for the reloader looking for a way to moly coat bullets. Moly coating bullets reduces bore fouling, increases barrel life and improves accuracy. The Lyman Super Moly Bullet Finishing Accessory Pack contains everything needed to moly coat thousands of bullets (except a tumbler, sold separately).


- Fits: Lyman 600 and 1200 tumbler or tumblers that are of similar size
- Function: Use a tumbler to apply a coating of moly to bullets
- Material: Plastic Bowl, Ceramic Media, Corn Cob Media, Superfine Moly

Kit Includes:

- Two heavy duty bowls and lids will fit Lyman 600 and 1200 Tumbler - plus most other brand tumblers (tumbler sold separately)
- 6 oz. of Superfine Moly
- Moly plating media
- 2 lbs. of fine finishing media
- Complete instructions


Lyman cautions that Lead and Jacketed bullets should not be coated in the same bowl. Once lead bullets are used, the bowl and media are contaminated with lead residue and will no longer moly coat jacketed bullets properly. This contamination can also be caused by jacketed bullets with large areas of exposed lead tips. Lyman recommends that separate bowls be used for lead and jacketed bullets. Lyman also says that a reloader can moly coat cast bullets. However, a reloader will not find as much of an advantage when moly coating cast bullets compared to moly coating jacketed bullets. A reloader will typically get enough lubrication on cast bullets after they are run through a lube sizer that moly coating is not necessary.

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