Midland Radios DynamoCrankRadio w/AM/FM/WthrAlrt/2600mAH ER310

Midland Radios DynamoCrankRadio w/AM/FM/WthrAlrt/2600mAH ER310

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Manufacturer Part Number: ER310
Manufacturer: Midland Radios
Condition: New
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The Midland ER310 is an AM/FM Digital radio with the NOAA weather alert channels, ideal for an emergency kit, recreational activities or everyday use. The radio may be powered by internal replaceable lithium 2600 mAh ion battery, crank or 6 'AAO batteries (not included). Charge the lithium Ion battery thru the included mini USB Charging Cable, by cranking or through the solar panel. The NOAA Weather Band receiver brings you weather forecasts, alerts and other emergency messages and stores Alerts for 1 Hour. The Flashlight features a Cree LED for 130 Lumens with a Low or High setting to conserve battery life. The SOS Flashlight Beacon may be activated to flash a Morse Code Signal. A unique Ultra Sonic Dog Whistle may be activated to assist search and rescue teams to locate individuals during an emergency situation. The large LCD display shows the time, your AM /FM station or the NOAA Weather Channel Frequency. For better reception, extend the telescoping antenna. For private listening, the unit has a headphone jack. The ER310 serves a charging source for other portable devices through the USB Output. The ER310 comes with a Rechargeable 2600 mAh battery, Mini USB Charging Cable


- AM/FM NOAA Emergency Crank Radio with Solar Power Panel
- Extremely Bright Cree LED Flashlight 130 Lumens
- Replaceable 2600 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with USB Output for charging Portable Devices
- Ultrasonic Dog Whistle to assist search and rescue teams
- SOS Flashlight beacon that flashes Morse code


- Height: 6.5"
- Length: 9"
- Width: 2.75 inches
- Weight: 1 lb

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