Nosler John Nosler Going Bk 50160

Nosler John Nosler Going Bk 50160

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Manufacturer Part Number: 50160
Manufacturer: Nosler
UPC: 9780976124474
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"Going Ballistic" is the story of John Nosler- a hunter, innovator and self-taught ballistics engineer. He first hunted moose in Canada in the 1940s and recognized the need for a projectile that would stand up to the velocity generated by the new magnum rifle cartridges.

When hunters want a bullet they can depend on, the name they trust is Nosler. From the Partition- introduced in the 1940s- to the Zipedo, Solid Base, and Ballistic Tip, to today's cutting-edge AccuBond, John Nosler has built a reputation on accuracy and performance, one bullet at a time. You know his bullets. Now read his story.

Learn how he developed the Nosler Partition and how he brought his invention to the marketplace. Hear the stories of his hunts in his own words. Special chapters on big game hunting show you how to maximize your time in the field and expand your hunting opportunities. This book includes over 100 photos and will give you insight into the mind of the world's foremost bullet designer.


- Cover: Hard
- Edition: 2nd; 60th Anniversary Edition
- Publisher: Gary Lewis Outdoors
- Pages: 243

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