Shockwave Rimfire .22 Sensitive 2oz /3 SWT-22

Shockwave Rimfire .22 Sensitive 2oz /3 SWT-22

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Manufacturer Part Number: SWT-22
Manufacturer: Shockwave Targets
UPC: 797930000025
Condition: New
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Shockwave Exploding Rifle Targets are non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic, and are very stable. These targets are designed for use with .22LR and high velocity rounds (1,200 FPS). Each box contains 3 targets, and a case contains 16 boxes.


- Shockwave Rimfire Exploding Targets 3 Pk
- Contains Three 2 oz. Plastic Jars
- Targets Explode When Hit With Any Bullet Traveling At Least 1200FPS
- Designed For Use With .22LR With High Velocity Rounds (1,200 FPS)
- Target Will Not Detonate With A Sub-Sonic Round (Less Than 1,100 FPS)
- .5 lb.
- Non-flammable
- Non-hazardous
- Non-toxic
- Very stable

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